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A Slice of Success for Karalina Enterprises with Brink’s Complete

May, 2024


Karalina Enterprises

In the dynamic world of quick-service restaurants, Karalina Enterprises faced a myriad of business challenges. As a family-owned establishment, Karalina Enterprises oversees the management of 16 pizza restaurants in South Carolina, contributing to the success of a well-known American-based multinational pizza chain. To tackle operational challenges head-on, it became clear that a move away from traditional, manual cash management methods to a more effective solution was necessary.

This case study delves into Karalina’s journey with Brink’s cash management solutions, shedding light on the obstacles encountered, the implementation of strategic innovations, and the impressive outcomes achieved throughout the process.


Before learning of Brink’s solutions, Tony Kirby, the Director of Operations at Karalina Enterprises, dealt with a slew of cash management headaches at his restaurants. A major hurdle was the heavy reliance on manual processes, demanding constant attention and effort to oversee cash activities. This consumed a lot of time and opened the door to errors associated with human handling.

Manual processes and security risks
Handling cash manually meant daily trips to the bank for deposits, eating into employees’ time that could‘ve been better spent running the restaurants efficiently. The process also exposed employees to significant security risks when dealing with large amounts of cash. “[Before Brink’s Complete], we had at least two occasions where [an employee] left the [restaurant] to go to the bank to make a deposit,” says Kirby. “They never made it out of the parking lot before someone had either [held them up at gunpoint] and robbed them or threatened them and grabbed the money and took off.”

Complexities of decentralized cash management
Overseeing the financial aspects of cash management across 16 restaurant locations evolved into a complex and demanding juggling act. The decentralized cash-handling procedures and labor-intensive processes created complexities that went beyond mere inconvenience. The decentralized framework meant that each restaurant operated with its own set of cash-handling protocols, contributing to a lack of uniformity.

Real-time monitoring void and decision-making challenges
Keeping an eye on cash activities in real-time was a struggle without remote monitoring. Karalina’s staff was left without a compass, making it tough to control and make informed decisions. The absence of a centralized view into cash handling processes across locations added an extra layer of chaos.

Impact of restricted bank hours on efficiency
The restricted hours and closure of nearby banks during critical periods, especially during the height of the COVID pandemic, created hurdles in obtaining change. Employees had to embark on lengthy journeys, sometimes exceeding two hours for a single store, significantly impacting operational efficiency and security.

Embracing a modern solution
These combined challenges underscored the urgent need to revamp the approach to cash management and security. Kirby recognized the necessity for a modern, tech-savvy solution, leading to the exploration of Brink’s Complete.


Karalina Enterprises joined forces with Brink’s and adopted Brink’s Complete, an automated solution that transformed how Kirby and his staff handled cash. As part of Brink’s Complete, durable smart safes were installed in all of Karalina’s pizzeria locations. Instead of the daily trek to the bank to make deposits, employees simply dropped cash into the smart safes, and the business bank accounts of Karalina’s choice received next-day credit. This streamlined process not only helped Kirby efficiently manage Karalina’s banking relationships, but also slashed deposit fees charged by banks. The convenient Brink’s Complete customer portal allowed Kirby and his team to monitor cash effortlessly from anywhere, providing more control and enhancing decision-making across all locations.


Brink’s Complete revolutionized Karalina’s operations, bringing efficiency to a level the company hadn‘t reached before. The once murky world of cash reports cleared up, and Brink’s support teams became more than just service providers; they became vital collaborators in their operational success. With the automated system in place, Karalina Enterprises faced daily challenges head-on, striking the right balance between urgency and efficiency. Embracing change and finding solutions for the future became Karalina’s success mantra, and Brink’s didn‘t just offer a service—they empowered Karalina for the journey ahead.

Streamlining operations through digital innovation

The automation and digitization brought by Brink’s Complete significantly reduced Karalina’s reliance on manual cash handling processes. This not only minimized the chances of errors associated with human intervention, but also streamlined day-to-day operations. The shift from labor-intensive, decentralized cash management to a centralized, automated system enhanced overall operational efficiency.

Enhanced security measures

One of the primary advantages was the effective mitigation of security risks. With the convenience of store managers and employees being able to securely place cash into in-restaurant smart safes, the necessity for daily visits to the bank for cash deposits was largely eliminated. This not only reduced exposure to potential threats during transit but also played a crucial role in enhancing the safety of both employees and assets.

Strategic oversight with centralized monitoring

The solution‘s centralized monitoring capabilities emerged as a key benefit for Karalina. Through the user-friendly customer portal, Brink’s Complete provided real-time visibility into cash-related activities across all restaurant locations. This remote monitoring feature empowered Kirby and his team with instant insights and control, enabling them to make informed decisions promptly. The ability to oversee cash handling operations from a centralized location added a layer of accountability and security to the overall management process.

Adaptability during tough times

Thanks to Brink’s Complete, the company maintained seamless operations, even during challenges like restricted bank hours. The solution provided a reliable method for ordering change through the portal and ensured uninterrupted operations by addressing issues related to unavailable nearby banks. After Karalina ordered change, Brink’s messengers efficiently delivered the requested change directly to the restaurants.

Holistic support ecosystem: beyond technical assistance

Additionally, Brink’s responsiveness and support infrastructure were instrumental. Brink’s Complete offered a robust support team that Kirby could rely on for timely assistance and information. Brink’s offers several ways to get in touch with its customer care team: through the phone, a live chat, or sending a message in the customer portal. Customers like Kirby can also contact their account representatives for certain questions.

This support system played a crucial role in addressing any challenges or questions that arose during the implementation and ongoing use of the solution. “I think Brink’s did a great job of making sure we knew how the [implementation and onboarding] process was supposed to go,” says Kirby. “I like having multiple lines of support on multiple levels. [Brink’s] has a great support team there, and I‘ve relied on them over the last couple of years to be able to give me answers [I’ve needed].”

Overall benefits

Brink’s Complete has significantly benefited Karalina Enterprises by automating and digitizing cash management processes, reducing security risks associated with cash handling, providing centralized monitoring capabilities, and offering responsive support. These collective advantages addressed the specific challenges faced and contributed to a more secure, efficient, and streamlined cash management framework.

Recommendations and final thoughts

When discussing the versatility of Brink’s Complete in catering to diverse businesses, Kirby didn‘t hold back in offering a strong endorsement, saying,

“I would absolutely recommend this solution to other businesses, and I have.”

He added, “Brink’s was able to check our boxes on multiple things that we really needed and offer some [features] that we didn‘t know existed.”

Emphasizing the importance of understanding one‘s needs and preferences, Kirby advised potential customers to identify their priorities, particularly in terms of reporting, and collaborate with Brink’s to tailor the solution to their specific requirements. “Going from where we were to where we are now [with Brink’s], I couldn‘t be happier with what we have,” says Kirby. “There’s a comfort level that I now have because I can see when things are done. I can oversee them without actually having to visit each individual [restaurant] location.”

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