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A masked retail employee serves customers with social distancing measures in place.

3 Ways to Maintain Social Distancing Measures with Brink's 24SEVEN

Maria Terry and Sarah Crandall

08 Jan 2021

With the world going virtual for service transactions, why shouldn’t your funds follow suit?

Running a business during COVID-19 is no easy feat, as restaurants and retailers across the United States are learning to adapt to new precautionary measures in place. Whether you’re investing in masks for customers or rearranging your interior layout, your cash management strategy should work for you during these challenging times. By minimizing physical interaction, streamlining cash movement, and providing full visibility into your cash movement, Brink’s 24SEVEN can help you to maintain social distancing measures with ease.

Whether you’re investing in masks for customers or rearranging your interior layout, your cash management strategy should work for you during these challenging times.

What is Brink’s 24SEVEN?

Brink’s 24SEVEN is a customer portal built for convenience and transparency. It can be accessed from both mobile devices and computers, allowing business owners to stay connected to their cash online – anytime, anywhere. This tool is a key feature of Brink’s Complete, an all-inclusive subscription service for total cash management. Once cash is secured inside of a Brink’s tech-enabled device, Brink’s 24SEVEN allows you to register cash dropped into your Brink's device online, track them in near real-time, and even order change from any computer or mobile device.

Increase visibility of your funds.

When you order online, many companies now offer the option to track deliveries. We’ve taken that same approach and applied it to Brink’s 24SEVEN. Thanks to our track-and-trace technology, Brink’s 24SEVEN allows you see where your funds are once they are picked up by a Brink’s Messenger, telling you when your funds arrives at one of our branches for processing. This capability helps you to have a better idea of when your funds will appear in your account. Brink’s 24SEVEN also helps you proactively monitor store performance, allowing you to view transactions by location and employee, as well as view detailed dashboard reports.

Order change with ease.

With Brink’s 24SEVEN, ordering cash and coins has never been easier. This add-on Brink’s Complete feature allows you to order change from virtually anywhere. Once your change order is placed, your change will be shipped directly to your business so it’s there when you need it. This helps employees save time by not having to make additional trips to the bank, especially during your busiest times of the year. Like the detailed reports provided by Brink’s 24SEVEN, you can also easily view reports on your change orders.

One platform, multiple benefits

From convenience, visibility, and insights, to accountability and efficiency, Brink’s 24SEVEN has you covered. In addition to providing contactless benefits that minimize face-to-face interactions and cash management touch points, it’s part of a holistic cash management solution built to save you time and money. Click here to learn more about Brink’s Complete and Brink’s 24SEVEN today.

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