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How Enterprise Retailers Can Benefit from a Single Solution

By Brink's

19 Dec 2022

Businesses come in all sizes and have varying products, goals, target buyers, and needs. And that’s exactly why a one-size-fits-all approach to running a business can be detrimental, especially when it comes to cash management. A small, family-owned ice cream shop, for example, is going to take in different amounts of cash than a grocery store that’s part of a national chain. As a result, those two businesses will have very different cash management requirements, like how much visibility into cash is needed. That’s where the right-sized solution, such as Brink’s Complete Enterprise, comes in. Here’s a closer look at Brink’s Complete Enterprise and how it can help your enterprise-sized business.

What is Brink’s Complete Enterprise?
Brink’s Complete Enterprise is an end-to-end cash management solution designed for large organizations. This configurable solution includes hardware (a tech-enabled cash recycler), software, and services that enable more efficiency and better insights into your organization. Brink’s Complete Enterprise integrates all aspects of managing cash into an ecosystem, giving you comprehensive visibility into your cash across your enterprise. It was created to provide a single, streamlined cash management solution, without complication or extensive vendor management.

Simplify reconciliation and cash forecasting
The software that comes with Brink’s Complete Enterprise, called VeriBalance, is designed to reconcile all store-level cash transaction data in one place. With it, you can grant store-level or corporate-wide visibility into all cash transactions and management across all stores. This means visibility into point-of-sales, self-checkouts, individual lanes, back-office smart safes and recyclers, cash overages and shortages, and available advance credit received for cash registered and placed in Brink’s recyclers.

Wouldn’t it be great to be able to optimize store-level cash needs by denomination and by season? With Brink’s Complete Enterprise, you can. Working behind the scenes, VeriBalance pulls together store data and analytics, enabling your business to reduce idle cash in stores and to repurpose it back into the business. It helps you forecast future cash trends, taking the guesswork out of cash management, and making your business more efficient by relying on data-driven decisions.

Streamline complex store processes and reduce labor costs
With Brink’s Complete Enterprise, you can streamline cash-related tasks like counting cash, managing till content, reconciling cash, and reporting in-store cash. In turn, this frees up store employees to focus on high-value, customer-centric activities. Since employees aren’t having to spend as much time on these cash-related tasks, Brink’s Complete Enterprise helps with labor costs associated with manual cash management, reallocating employees’ time so they can focus on customer-focused tasks.

Optimize banking relationships
Brink’s Capital accelerates access to working capital from daily cash sales, helping you utilize cash more efficiently. The recycler that Brink’s Complete Enterprise customers use is called the Brink’s Recycler. Once cash is secured in your Brink’s Recycler, you receive advance credit to your bank account via Automated Clearing House (ACH) for your registered funds. That way, you’re able to maintain your current relationships with financial institutions or consolidate them. Plus, as the solution may remove the need for daily transactional bank activity, bank fees for those services are reduced. 

By transforming your cash management strategy from disjointed to fully connected, and from manual to digital, Brink’s Complete Enterprise enables you to unlock the power of your cash like never before, providing unmatched control and visibility. Get in touch with us today to learn more about how we can help you with your cash management needs.

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