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Customers frequently pay with cash. How you choose to handle it impacts your business.

With labor costs on the rise, you want to make the best of your resources.

Your highest paid employees traditionally spend the most time handling cash‑costing the business valuable managerial resources.

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The Future of Cash Management Technology

With cash continuing to be a preferred payment method for consumers of all ages, cash-handling technology is constantly evolving for the future. As a result, both retailers and banks are always looking to invest in new services and devices to meet the needs of their customers more efficiently.

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AFP 2020 Trade Show
Oct 18

For four days, nearly 7,000 treasury and finance decision-makers will gather at AFP 2020 to explore the emerging technologies, trends, services and products driving the profession.

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Blog Post

Three Myths about Cash Management

There’s no secret recipe for running a successful business. But there is a simple ingredient for improving operations and cash flow: making sure your cash is well-managed. It’s a component of running a business that’s often overlooked, but it can make a big difference in saving time and money. These are three common misconceptions that stop business owners from optimizing cash management solutions.

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